John Rice – Charles Derby Estates Gravesend

“Hi, I’m john rice of Charles derby estates in Gravesend, Kent. I’ve been an estate agent for nigh on thirty years now and opened my own agency 20 years ago this April. Although running this successfully for that time it was felt that a change of image was overdue. I already had a financial services practice with Charles derby and it seemed the perfect fit to rebrand the entire company. Immediately it felt right, with the passing pedestrians stopping and staring and the comments about the new image almost exclusively positive. The next step was obviously to reinstate the relationship with our clients and the greater community and that was relatively simple. So many people are aware of the Charles Derby brand now with the company having grown so quickly…”

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Anu Joshi – Charles Derby Wolverhampton

“Hi, I’m Anu Joshi from Charles Derby Estates Wolverhampton. I am a financial adviser within Charles Derby and decided to be a part of Charles Derby Estates as soon as it was launched. We started our office in June 2013 and in the last four months we’ve achieved fantastic results. In short period we have sold three houses and completed eleven lettings.

We feel we are gaining confidence in the market because Charles Derby is a reputable brand, we pride ourselves in having a high street presence and being in a position to offer quality customer service along with full financial planning. We manage to bring a fresh approach to estate agency by doing things differently…”

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Paul Kelly – Charles Derby

“Hi, my name is Paul Kelly and I’m the Mortgage Manager of Charles Derby Estates. I run a successful Mortgage Brokerage in Kent. Today I want to talk about the huge earning potential if you capitalise on the Charles Derby Estates Proposition.

Let me give you some background and outline potential earnings and the commitment required from you and the Estate Agent. I have worked alongside an Estate Agent for over fifteen years and 90 percent of my current business level are generated from the Estate Agents referral system…”

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